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Peter James Thomas

Welcome to my site.

peterjamesthomas.com is an extensive resource covering recommended best practice in the Data to Information to Insight to Action journey. It is anchored firmly in the author’s extensive and award-winning practical experience in fields such as Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, Data Management, Data Quality, Data Governance, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and the underpinning / enabling area of Cultural Transformation.

The site also embraces many other aspects of business, technology and change; historically IT / Business Alignment and latterly Social Media. More recent sections also focus on topics in Data Visualisation, the role of the Chief Data Officer and Statistics / Modelling.

Many articles on this site are imbued with the author’s continuing interest in Mathematics and Science, often applying learnings from these fields to business matters.

peterjamesthomas.com has been referred to on the web-sites of several industry luminaries and also cited by media outlets such as CIO.com, ComputerWorld, Computing and IT Business Edge. It is also syndicated on a number of technologically-focussed web-sites.

The site is divided into eight main sections as follows: –

Blog Articles reflecting my ideas about a range of topics in business and technology.
Services Catalouging the services provided by our related commercial entity (see note below); including Data Consultancy and Data Strategy Reviews.
Data Resources Resources ranging from our Data Strategy Hub to Case Studies and White Papers.
Data & Analytics Dictionary A free dictionary covering everything from Algorithm to Web Analytics. This is mostly penned by Peter James Thomas, but now also open to contributions from others.
Maths & Science Articles focused just on topics in Mathematics and Science, including Glimpses of Symmetry, my book on Group Theory and Particle Physics, which is still in the process of being written.
Career & Awards Background on my career, education and awards that I have won.
Media & Seminars Press articles and case studies, videos of me talking about data, analytics and cultural change and seminars at which I have presented.
Keynote Articles An index of major blog articles, grouped by subject area.

I hope that you enjoy reading my articles and that you will come back to read more in the future.


PS If you would like to learn some less well-known facts about me, you can take a look here. You can also view the about the author section of Glimpses of Symmetry

Relationship to peterjamesthomas.com Limited

peterjamesthomas.com Limited is a company registered in England & Wales with registration number 10002419. Its registered office is Apollo House, Whitehills Business Park, Hallam Way, Blackpool FY4 5FS. peterjamesthomas.com Limited provides consultancy and interim services on data and related matters.

The author of this web-site is Peter James Thomas, who is also the founder and one of the directors of peterjamesthomas.com Limited. While there is clearly therefore a connection to the commercial entity bearing the same name and the services provided by peterjamesthomas.com Limited are featured, this web-site is essentially run on a not-for-profit basis; the intention rather being to freely share the benefits of its author’s experience in data matters with the public.


Please note that this is a personal site and the views expressed herein are my own and not necessarily representative of those of the organisations that have employed me at various stages of my career, or who have engaged the services of peterjamesthomas.com Limited.

Unless explicitly stated, neither the author, nor peterjamesthomas.com Limited has any financial or other other direct interests in any the companies or products mentioned on this site.


If you have problems with viewing any part of this site, then please use the Problems and Browser Compatibility section to report these.

If you would just like to get in contact, then post a comment, or use the contact page.

For commercial contact, please use the dedicated form.


Part of peterjamesthomas.com. The home of The Data and Analytics Dictionary, The Anatomy of a Data Function and A Brief History of Databases.

12 thoughts on “About this Site

  1. Good Day Peter –

    Love your articles on BI! I am interested in chatting with you about a newsletter opportunity with us that would give you free exposure to top companies.

    I see you have Carl Weinschenk’s IT Finance Connection in your blog roll, he is on-board with us already.

    How can we connect further? Please let me know – Cheers, Jennifer: Janderson@imninc.com.

  2. I read a few of your past posting by way of LinkedIn. This is part of a quote from one of your postings and it has stayed with me for some time and I want your permission to put it at the bottom of my personal emails below my name. “”Peter Thomas —There is nothing that homo sapiens likes more than to pigeonhole his or her fellows. We tend to take a binary approach to people’s skills. Fred is a visionary, but you wouldn’t want him to run a project. Jane is brilliant at the details, but she doesn’t see the big picture. Perhaps we are more comfortable with the idea that the strength of any colleague is automatically balanced by a weakness; it brings them back down to a reasonable level.—“”

  3. I’ve become a Fan. I’ll include this/your web site url. I just didn’t want to do it without given you the credit you deserve. People want to know who you are.


  4. I posted this on LinkedIn on a PeopleSoft group blog some time ago, and I am still getting calls for job opps. Do you ever talk about SOX and SOD (Segregation of Duties). It seems that people forget why SOD is so important and that was long before SOX came into the picture. I can only think what might be happening because of smaller staff as result of cutting cost.

    “Is SOX no longer important? I am aware of people doing or companies recruiting for people to do PeopleSoft or E-Business Suite application security in production. They also have dba and or developer duties. I guess external and internal audit doesn’t care anymore. If any audit group from anywhere wanted to have a ideal of what companies might be doing, they could just search the web for job ops, and find everything in black and white. Very interesting. Maybe I’m skewed from 10 years of PeopleSoft security.”

  5. Hello,
    Regarding peterjamesthomas.com
    Could you please tell me if you have any opportunities for advertising on your site at all? I represent a number of sites that work in the financial sector and could be interested having a link placed. If you are interested please send me through details of any text link placements you have available as well as pricing. I will endeavour to make a quick decision and can have payment arranged via Paypal the same day.

    Kind regards


  6. I’ve learned many things from your website. I specially realized that business intelligence is the only way organization can be ahead of others in a free market competitive environment.

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