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The following print and on-line periodicals have featured case studies about EMIR, interviews with me on this subject or related ones (see also the Videos section), or have quoted my comments on general industry issues.

Where a link to the article is available, this may be accessed by clicking on the month of publication (some journals have published more than one such article).

EMIR Links

Computer Business Review (EU) – Oct 04, Apr 05
CIO Connect Magazine (UK) – Apr 06*
Computer Weekly (UK) – May 06, Nov 06, Feb 07
Computing (UK) – Apr 04, Jan 06
Conspectus (UK) – Feb 06, Feb 06
eWeek (USA) – Feb 07
Financial World (UK) – Nov 04
Information Age (UK) – Jun 05
Insurance & Technology (USA) – Apr 07

General Links

Computerworld (UK) – Apr 09 – Oracle / Sun (pg 2) (US) – Apr 09 – The ERP sector
Computing (UK) – Feb 09, Feb 09 – Google Mail
Computing (UK) – Apr 09 – Oracle / Sun
IT Business Edge (US) – May 09 – BI RoI (pg 2)
DecisionStats – Jul 09 – General interview
NCC Evaluation Centre (UK) – Oct 09* – BI tools
Conspectus (UK) – Feb 10 – BI tools


* Subscription to site required to read article.
Subscription required, but abstract available.
File available on this site, rather than the original host.

My experience is that such articles tend to get moved around and/or archived fairly regularly. While I will attempt to keep an eye on this, any broken links may be reported on the Problems and Browser Compatibility section.


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