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I have spoken about both the success of EMIR and general topics in Business Intelligence and related areas at venues throughout Europe and North America.

Business issues that I have focussed on include: the importance of education in cultural transformation, marketing IT projects, running implementations across multiple countries, the role of data integration in reporting and the impact of high-quality business intelligence on companies.

Selected public speaking engagements include:

Cognos Press Summit (Barcelona) – Mar 04
Cognos Performance (Birmingham) – Oct 04
Ark Group Compliance Connect (London) – Nov 04
IDC / Cognos Executive Briefing (London) – Jan 05
Ark Group BI Connect (London) – Apr 05
Informatica World (Washington DC) – Jun 05
Ark Group BI Connect (London) – Sep 05
CBR BI Standardisation Seminar (London) – Jun 06
Cognos Performance (London) – Oct 06
Cognos Press Summit (Ottawa) – Jan 07
Computing / Accountancy Age “webinar” (London) – Dec 07
Obis Omni Forum (London) – Sep 08
Butler Group BI Symposium (London) – Oct 08
Chase Zander IT Director Forum (Birmingham) – Mar 09
Obis Omni Forum (London) – Sep 09
IQPC Business Process Excellence in Financial Services – Sep 09
Ovum / ButlerGroup BI Masterclass – Apr 10
IRM DW/BI Seminar – Nov 10
IRM MDM/Data Governance Seminar – Mar 11
IRM DW/BI Seminar – Nov 11
IRM DW/BI Seminar – Nov 12
IRM ED/BI Seminar – Nov 16

You can see me speaking about some of the business issues mentioned above in the Videos section.

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