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Computing and Accountancy Age are the leading UK magazines for respectively IT and Finance professionals and both have dedicated on-line editions. The is web seminar, or “webinar” was broadcast live to an audience of readers of the magazines in December 2007. You may notice that it was also filmed in hi-definition.

The webinar had four main sections. First, a presentation by Patrick Mosimann, co-author of The Performance Manager: Proven Strategies for Turning Information into Higher Business Performance. Second, an interview with me (between 19:15 and 28:00). Third, an interview with Finance director and consultant John Tate. The final segment (from 38:40 onwards) was the panel as a whole taking questions that had been submitted by the audience.

In my interview I talk about the challenge of measuring business performance, the need to understand business to do this and approaches to measuring the value of IT.

This webinar is hosted by a third party for Computing and Accountancy Age.

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