Two Escapees

Two Escapees (in this case Richard Atttenborough and Steve McQueen)

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In the home page of the Maths & Science section of this site, I mention the following: is a business-focussed site, however regular readers will have noticed the frequent appearance of topics in Mathematics and Science; with observations and learnings from these fields frequently being applied to business.

In this new Maths & Science entry, I feature two recent articles from the main site, the majority of each of which would sit quite happily alongside discussions about Euler’s Number or the wide variety of Number Systems. Below appear links to these two articles that “got away”.

As Nice as Pie – 22nd August 2018

This article focuses on the Pie Chart, a staple of many a business (and scientific) presentation. The Pie Chart is abhorred by Data Visualisation purists. While there are indeed grounds for such a reaction, which are covered in the piece, I argue that even this most unloved of charts sometimes has its place.

Convergent Evolution – 18th August 2018

The first (and more scientific) part of this article discusses the concept of Convergent Evolution, offering an example beloved of that doyen of paleobiologists, Stephen Jay Gould.

When I post blog articles that have high Scientific or Mathematical content, I’ll add them to the archive here as well. A forthcoming Maths & Science piece will provide a retrospective of such articles dating back to 2009.

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Part of the Maths and Science archive.

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