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This part of the site provides background on appearances in the public realm, which have spanned the print and on-line press, filmed interviews and presenting at many seminars. It is divided into the following sections: –

Media Published case studies, interviews and quotes.
Videos Filmed interviews and panel discussions.
Seminars Public speaking.

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5 thoughts on “Media & Seminars

  1. Dear Mr. Thomas:

    I read your last article on Trends in Business Intelligence with great interest. I am very interested in what your thoughts are about the role Visualization plays in business intelligence, specifically as to the importance of visualization as a front end for analysis with significant capabilities for end users to slice and dice the data and create as many different visualization views as required.

    Thank you.
    Debra Leibowitz

  2. Hi Debra,

    I think that visualisation has a strong role to play. My own firsthand experience of implementations has only extended as far as dashboards (not a long way into the vast spectrum of visualisation tools that are available today, though I have obviously seen demonstrations of more advanced tools). However there is a relevant point to be made even at this simpler end of the market. This is the fact that certain trends are essentially invisible unless viewed in some graphical format.

    The alternative is a statistical one of course and this is wholly valid. The drawback here is that statistical models are – of their very nature – complex and potentially inaccessible to many business people (who may view them as black boxes). Visualisation doesn’t have this drawback, but then thee rigour of the statistical method has many advantages as well.

    Perhaps, as with many things in life, a combination of both techniques is what works best.

    • Peter, I’m really enjoying reading a lot of the material here, so I’m just catching up. This is an area I’ve been watching for the past few months as it is coming up more frequently with my partners. They find that the BI vendor applications (which I represent) are extremely limited in their visualization capabilities and interactivity with data. Yet, they find the vendors that have the depth in visualization and interactivity lack the underlying infrastructure for enterprise deployments. They don’t typically leverage metadata and can’t handle data across multiple disparate data sources. I think there is a definite synergy between the applications and there are a few System Integrators that I work with that are seeing this as an opportunity of how to integrate all the great visualization and data interactivity with the power of the enterprise class BI applications.

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