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The EMIR Project – EMIR User Feedback –

The following is a selection of comments made about EMIR by managers across the Chubb organisation: –

“EMIR Portfolio Management is a great sales and broker management system and is an integral and necessary part of our quest to become more externally focused. Getting broker travel reporting and, next year, prospect reporting integrated in EMIR Portfolio Management reporting will give Chubb a sales management system without parallel in the market.”
European Strategic Marketing Manager

“EMIR is the best management information I have seen and represents a big leap forward.”
Central and Eastern Europe Region Manager

“In short EMIR is a fantastic tool that helps me greatly in the management of our distribution channels. The ability to slice and dice the numbers every which way puts us miles ahead of the competition in understanding how our top brokers are performing with us. We are better equipped than anyone else to look forward with our key producers. The team working on EMIR is very good – always extremely helpful – no job to hard or large – their attitude is excellent.”
UK & Ireland Marketing Manager

“EMIR empowers users with the knowledge to drive the profitability of our business through better use of information.”
European CEO

“EMIR has enabled us to truly analyse our business. It offers us extensive capabilities, some of which we have only just begun to exploit.”
UK Northern Region Manager

“My experiences with EMIR are very good. The system is user friendly and has a lot of opportunities to customize reports to meet the reporting needs. In addition to the system, the EMIR team has been extremely helpful. They are service orientated, always willing to help and very competent.”
European Claims Manager

“The things that I really use a lot are the EMIR Producer Management and EMIR Profitability reports. These are invaluable when planning and budgeting. Apart from that, I think EMIR is the best MI system we have. I can pretty much slice and dice my book as I like.”
UK & Ireland Speciality Lines Manager

“EMIR is a great front end to MIS. While it continues to develop, and will become more useful still, it is already powerful and easy-to-use tool. Count me a happy user!”
Denmark Country Manager

“We now have available at the touch of a button in Latin America, data that I have never seen for that Zone previously. The EMIR team have done a tremendous job in getting this system built for Latin America in a little over 4 months.”
International Claims Manager

“EMIR Portfolio Management is a vital tool for our producer management activities and a big part of our efforts to instil a solid sales culture.”
Milan Branch Manager

“The implementation of EMIR Claims Management in Latin America has been very good indeed. We have achieved excellent teamwork in this effort. Everybody here is very impressed with the power of this magnificent tool.”
Latin America Claims Technical Manager

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