Data Strategy Creation Service

Data Strategy Creation Ltd. has helped many organisations to develop or refine their Data Strategies over the last 13 years. Now this cumulative experience and expertise is at the disposal of anyone who would like to take advantage of it.

A Data Strategy must first and foremost be a commercial document that supports positive business outcomes. It will span all aspects of Data within an organisation. From Data Science, Analytics and Machine Learning to Data Governance, Data Management and Data Quality Improvement. From the delivery of Dashboards, Visualisations, Analysis Facilities and Regular Reports to the technical underpinnings of these, be they Curated Data Lakes, Reconciled Data Warehouses or both. From how the organisation utilises Data both day to day and strategically to how the Data Function itself is structured and operates.

These areas and more are captured in our Data Capability Framework:

The process of creating a Data Strategy is a complex one, which requires expertise and experience in the commercial, technology and risk control areas. Some flavour of the activities that contribute to a successful, commercial Data Strategy is provided in our Data Strategy Roadmap:

While this may seem like a mountain to climb, Ltd. can provide an experienced guide. In some organisations, all of the activities appearing in the above exhibit can be completed within just two months by a single expert.

Of course for larger and more complicated organisations, things can take longer. But the work can still be carried out in a timely and – importantly – cost-effective manner by people who have done similar work many times before.

For further information about our approach to Data Strategy, you can also visit:
The Data Strategy Hub


If you would like to better understand any aspect of the Data Strategy creation process, then please get in contact via the form provided. You can also speak to us on +44 (0) 20 8895 6826.

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