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Greene King is one of the UK’s leading brewers and pub retailers. With a long tradition of brewing beer and running pubs, dating back over 200 years, its wide range of pubs, restaurants and hotels, together with its world famous traditional ale brands, makes Greene King a leader in its field.
Positions held

Jan 11 – Nov 11 Head of Information


Accountable for all aspects of information. In particular responsible for the Group Business Intelligence function, which supported the needs of thousands of users via an IBM Cognos platform. Also second-in-command to the Group IT Director and engaged in a wide variety of activities pertinent to the running of the IT Department.
Major achievement – Developed an Information Strategy for the Company

Completed a full situational analysis of existing information capabilities, compared these to business needs and devised a multi-year programme of work to remediate weaknesses.
Established future technology direction for information provision at the company.
Developed a strategy and high-level plan to leverage customer data in order to drive acquisition, retention and revenue maximisation via loyalty programmes, targeted offers, enhanced service, a contact strategy and segmented analysis of books of business.
Recruited a team of permanent and contract information professionals.
Managed a programme to fully integrate the business of a major acquisition into the reporting and analysis capabilities of the four Business Units.
Managed the extensive impact on reporting and analysis capabilities of the two Retail Business Units moving to the same ERP platform as the two non-Retail ones.
Introduced and bedded-in a formal Change Management process across all IT areas.
Delivered suites of reports and analysis facilities supporting a drive to grow Greene King’s hotel and event business and cross-Business Unit Project Costing.


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