Maths & Science is a business-focussed site, however regular readers will have noticed the frequent appearance of topics in Mathematics and Science; with observations and learnings from these fields frequently being applied to business. Perhaps an archetypical example of this is my 2014 article, Data Visualisation – A Scientific Treatment.

By way of contrast, this new section houses articles that are avowedly Mathematical or Scientific in nature with no other context applied. These will be less numerous than my business pieces and may well appeal to a very different audience. I do however hope that there is some cross-over between these sections.

— Peter James Thomas, January 2018

The images appearing next to the articles listed below indicate whether the piece pertains to Mathematics (the Dihedral Group of degree 3), Physics (Cloud Chamber trails), Biology (strands of DNA) or some combination of these.

1. Glimpses of Symmetry (work-in-progress)

Glimpses of Symmetry

This is an on-line book, which uses the Standard Model of Particle Physics as a motivation for providing an introduction to an important and beautiful area of Pure Mathematics, Group Theory; a subject I studied in Graduate school.

At present the book is about 75% complete and some chapters are either drafts or placeholders.

A Brief Taxonomy of Numbers


A whistle-stop tour of the most typically used number families and their relations to each other.

When I’m 65

When I'm 65

A case study of just how deep you can go down the Mathematical “rabbit hole” when starting from an apparently simple question.

Euler’s Number

Euler's Number

A long and winding road with the destination being what is probably the most important number in Mathematics.

The Equation

The Equation

Deriving (and demystifying) one of the most famous equations in Mathematics.

Finches, Feathers and Apples

Finches, Feathers and Apples

Explaining why the phrase “just a theory” makes no sense when applied to Science, with a little help from Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.


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