You have to love Google

…well if you used to be a Number Theorist that is.

Google / Fermat

It’s almost enough to make me forgive them for Gmail’s consider including “feature”. Almost!


5 thoughts on “You have to love Google

  1. For those of us who are not Numbers Theorists (and never were), this post flies miles over our heads. Well, MY head, anyhow.

    Having a profound hatred for “consider including,” I can’t help but wonder what could possibly make you almost want to forgive Google. Can you point me to a link that explains your title? Thanks!

    • Hi again Christine,

      As you will recall I share your opinion of “consider including”.

      If you click on the Google image above, you will get directed to the Wikipedia page about Pierre de Fermat (, the celebrated 17th century French mathematician (amongst many other things).

      The image relates to his famous “Last Theorem” that the equation:

      x^n + y^n = z^n has no non-trivial whole number solutions when n is greater than 2 (when it equals 2 it has infinitely many and is basically just Pythagoras).

      This “theorem” went unsolved from 1637 to 1995, when British mathematician Andrew Wiles finally solved it. Part of both my Maths MSc and BSc were in the same area, Number Theory ( so it rather resonates with me. Just a personal thing :-).


  2. I love Google for producing Sketchup free, perhaps the most fun and valuable 3-D sketch design tool for about a million uses. I’ve shown so many people how to use it and set them free to create dynamically in 3-D… and if you ever need a moment to go somewhere else in the universe when things are twisted, go play in Sketchup.
    But I so hate “consider including”… every time I see the monster looming up beside my emails. And thinking omigod that would be the LAST person I would consider including.

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