The CIO / IT Director Survey – Redux

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Back in January 2009, I started the process of using both this blog and to solicit feedback on the top issues facing CIOs and IT Directors. This was in preparation for a seminar I was helping a recruitment agency – Chase Zander – to run. I got a lot of very interesting feedback, some of it also from people e-mailing my directly. This was summarised in The Top Business Issues facing CIOs / IT Directors – Results.

I thought that it might be interesting to revisit this area and so am seeking your feedback, either in the comments section of this article below, or again via and, in particular as before, the magazine group.

I look forward to your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “The CIO / IT Director Survey – Redux

  1. Hi, the following was posted on linkedin but I thought I do a copy-paste here just in case it can’t be found.

    “We can acknowledge that IT and the business are strategic partners, and that as business strategies change so too will IT priorities and strategies change to meet the competitive needs of the business. To get things started, I typically do a scan of the macro business environment to identify the factors that may affect businesses and their stakeholders, and how ITpriorities my change. Please beware that these views are based purely on my own observations.

    From an economic view, geographical regions have been experiencing economic change since 2009 as indicated by the weakening US dollar, and the growth of regional markets in Asia. Whether “cost-saving” goes up or down the IT pecking order may depend on the business focus to invest, expand or diversify. Nonetheless, “IT-Business Alignment” and “Managing Change” is still going to be crucial, as companies begin to manage additional data sources, and seeking new information/insights from their lines of business.

    On the social factor, social media insights seems to be the buzz. If we follow the developments of social media usage by businesses since 2009, it is a field that started by demanding measurements of ROI. The debate may still be going on but business knows that they need measures and indicators, as social media positions itself as the next channel of customer interactivity and information. With this, “Customer Focus” is likely to become more important, and “Business Intelligence” may be emphasized to extract and sort the customer behavioral patterns from social media noise.

    I’d touch on “Cloud” technology but it feels like a “slow-cooker”. Certainly the hype and awareness will have increased since 2009 but I dont think the adoption has grew substantially.

    Anyways, this is to get the ball rolling. Cheers! “

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