The Perils of Extrapolation

A while back, I posted a brief article Especially for all Business Analytics professionals out there borrowing from to warn about the pitfalls in uncritically using the past to predict the future.

I expanded on this theme to include it in my presentation slide deck and have been playing about with various PowerPoint to video technologies with the following result (note: the video has no sound):

Apologies for the poor fidelity, maybe I should paid for a conversion tool, rather than using a free one.

PS The function in question above is √x log x, which is of importance in Number Theory; specifically in Koch’s approximation that (assuming the Riemann hypothesis):

Helge von Koch and the prime-counting function in terms of the logarithmic integral (eat your heart out J K Rowling)

On a less mathematical note, you can see me in some rather higher quality videos here.