An in-depth interview with the author – by Ajay Ohri at


I have been following DecisionStat’s excellent series of interviews with leading figures in the IT industry who have a focus on Business Intelligence, Analytics and Data Management. So I was delighted when I received the invitation to be interviewed by Ajay myself.

This turned into a wide-ranging discussion on a number of areas including the perception of science in society, but most of the content refers to Business Intelligence, analytics, cloud computing, data quality and related areas. You can read the interview in full by clicking on the image or text below. Interview Interview

Thanks to Ajay for taking the time to talk to me.

Ajay Ohri established DecisionStats in 2007 to focus on a number of areas pertinent to business an technology. These include: India, The Internet, Analytics, Company Analysis and Interviews. Ajay is also principal of SwanPLC, who are in the business of helping customers with advanced analytical solutions including recommendations of products and services.