The 23 Most Influential Business Intelligence Blogs

BetterBuys 23 Most Influential BI Blogs

I was flattered to be included in the recent list of the 23 most influential BI bloggers published by Better Buys. To be 100% honest, I was also a little surprised as, due to other commitments, this blog has received very little of my attention in recent years. Taking a glass half full approach, maybe my content stands the test of time; it would be nice to think so.


It was also good to be in the company of various members of the BI community whose work I respect and several of whom I have got to know on-line or in person. These include (as per the original article, in no particular order):

Blogger Blog
Augusto Albeghi Upstream Info
Bruno Aziza * His blog on Forbes
Howard Dresner Business Intelligence
Barney Finucane Business Intelligence Products and Trends
Marcus Borba Business Analytics News
Cindi Howson BI Scorecard

* You can see Bruno and me talking on Microsoft’s YouTube channel here.

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4 thoughts on “The 23 Most Influential Business Intelligence Blogs

  1. Good for you, Peter. But as you said, that list is a bit surprising. I was equally surprised by some blogs on that list, since they haven’t seen an update in a long time, the reason being that the blogger had left the company years ago. I guess the folks at “BI Software Insight” are living a few years behind the times. So much for “latest BI news and trends”. :)

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