Most popular articles over the last eight months

I last published a list of the most popular articles on this site at the beginning of July 2009. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I had a hiatus in blogging which started at the beginning of August 2009. This means that readership figures since then have not been skewed by when articles were posted (they were all posted before the pertinent period).

The following is a list of the top twenty articles in descending order of hits per day over the last eight months.

Most viewed pages
Rank Article
1. Measuring the benefits of Business Intelligence
2. Mountain Biking and Systems Integration
3. Data – Information – Knowledge – Wisdom
4. Business Analytics vs Business Intelligence
5. A bad workman blames his [Business Intelligence] tools
6. “Why Business Intelligence projects fail”
7. A single version of the truth?
8. Is the time ripe for appointing a Chief Business Intelligence Officer?
9. Is outsourcing business intelligence a good idea?
10. New Adventures in Wi-Fi – Track 1: Blogging
11. Why IT is not like Civil Engineering
12. The importance of feasibility studies in business intelligence
13. BI implementations are like icebergs
14. A more appropriate metaphor for business intelligence projects
15. “Gartner sees a big discrepancy between BI expectations and realities” – Intelligent Enterprise
16. Trends in Business Intelligence
17. A review of “The History of Business Intelligence” by Nic Smith
18. A blast from the past…
19. Some reasons why IT projects fail
20. The Top Business Issues facing CIOs / IT Directors – Results


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