My “all-time” most-read 5 articles provides a handy widget that shows the articles (and pages) on this blog that have had the most hits over the last 24-48 hours. This appears as the second box from the top of my sidebar, just beneath the RSS subscription options. However this time-period is a little too short to assess the true popularity of articles. In order to remedy this, I have used’s own tracking stats to produce the following list, which covers the brief life of this site since November 2008.

There is clear water between the top five and the chasing pack. The next most popular article, The Top Business Issues facing CIOs / IT Directors – Results, is 176 hits back on 694. Of course one might assume that an “all-time” list would favour the earliest posts on this site. It is therefore interesting to note that the list instead features a number of more recent pieces and that the only really “old” piece is my first article plagiarising John Gray’s famous book.

I should also note that I have removed Keynote Articles (1,073 hits) from the list as this page aggregates all of my other posts, rather than being an article in its own right.

Of course this is merely a snap-shot of today’s figures and the list is already out of date as I write. I may look to update the figures occasionally, perhaps every three to six months.

1. Measuring the benefits of Business Intelligence 1,161
2. Business is from Mars and IT is from Venus 1,154
3. Trends in Business Intelligence 1,039
4. A review of “The History of Business Intelligence” by Nic Smith 894
5. Business Analytics vs Business Intelligence 880


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