Ilya Bogorad on Talking Business

A very brief post, just to acknowledge that sometimes you come across a gem of an article in the blogosphere. On this occasion, I would also like to thank the author for pointing his work out to me on a group!

The piece in question is called Talking business: Three reasons why your opinion is being ignored. It is by Ilya Bogorad and appears on Tech Republic. Well worth a read, no matter where you are in your IT career.

Read some my thoughts about another Tech Republic piece in: “Why taking a few punches on the financial crisis just might save IT” by Patrick Gray on TechRepublic.
Ilya Bogorad is the Principal of Bizvortex Consulting Group Inc, a management consulting company located in Toronto, Canada. Ilya specializes in building better IT organizations and can be reached at or on (905) 278 4753.

3 thoughts on “Ilya Bogorad on Talking Business

  1. […] Now I am sure that an assidious reader would have no problem whatsoever in finding counter-examples to my call for plain-speaking about IT; they are probably sprinkled liberally throughout this blog. Maybe this is a case of doing what I say, rather than what I do. However, it is interesting the number of commentators who have suggested that it would help IT professionals to increase their standing with their colleagues if they dropped the technical jargon and learned to speak more like a business person (e.g. see my comments on Ilya Bogorad’s article about Talking Business). […]

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