Keynote Articles

Keynote Articles

A new section has today appeared at on the menu of this site, Keynote Articles. Rather than try to describe this in a novel way, I will simply quote part of the introduction that appears on the page.

There are many strengths of the blog format, however one weakness is its focus on the recent at the expense of the relevant. This section of the site seeks to remedy this problem by providing a grouped list of what I am going to call Keynote Articles.

There are a lot of different articles on this blog. Some are to do with new functionality that is available; some are brief notes about what I have been up to, or am planning to do; some link to news elsewhere on the Internet, most often with some commentary from me. Keynote Articles are what is left. That is original pieces written by me based on my own experience and expertise. These types of articles form the meat of this site.

I have tried to group these Keynote Articles into general areas, with some pieces appearing in more than one place. Inside each area, the entries appear in chronological order, i.e. the reverse of the main blog page.

This categorised list of major articles should provide another way of finding relevant content, supplementing the various tools and links that already appear in the right-hand sidebar.

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