Gartner says “BI must transform and improve businesses”

The title is paraphrased. The actual quote, as reported on BeyeNETWORK, is as follows: –

“Organizations will expect IT leaders in charge of BI and performance management initiatives to help transform and significantly improve their business,” said Nigel Rayner, research vice president of Gartner. “This year’s predictions focus on the need for BI and performance management to deliver greater business value.”

To me this immediately suggests one, potentially awkward, question – what on Earth have some BI initiatives been focussed on before 2009 if it was not transforming and improving business?

4 thoughts on “Gartner says “BI must transform and improve businesses”

  1. I had a skim of you blog post, which seemed more insightful that the “predictions” that you were commenting on! I’ll take a more in-depth look next week as I think we see to share some ways of thinking about things.

  2. Good question!

    They (vendor and client) were probably too focused on making sure the dashboard and scorecards were “pretty” than making sure the information was accurate and was actually being used to add value to the organization.

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