Making it a little easier to find your way around here

On top of the growing number of blog posts on this site, there are now quite a few background pages as well and I thought that it would make sense to try to organise these a little better.

Accordingly I have introduced some more functional navigation menus to the Career Information and Public Presence sections. An example from Public Presence is shown below: –

An example of the new section menu
An example of the new section menu

Each of these menus will have the name of the current main and sub-section highlighted in blue/grey, with the other sub-sections of the current main menu shown alongside in light grey. The more granular page links that were already present appear below this section where applicable. Naviagtion between main sections is still by the tabs at the top of the page.

I hope that these changes make it easier to explore the site and would be happy to receive any feedback about them.

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