Welcome to my new web site, which has a twofold purpose.

The first of these is to showcase my career successes and highlight my experience and expertise. This is done both by including traditional, CV-style information, but also via links to articles about my work and even videos of me speaking about this.

The second purpose is to provide a platform for me to share my ideas about aspects of business, technology and change.

I have spent the last 20 years involved in the business of change; be that a small software house growing rapidly to become a large one and floating on the London Stock Exchange in the process, or driving cultural change across the European and Latin American operations of a multinational insurance organisation through the application of award-winning business intelligence.

I am an IT professional, but, having grown up in a company where IT was the business, I regard myself primarily as a business person; albeit one who has specific expertise in technology.

If you have problems with viewing any part of this site, then please use the Problems and Browser Compatibility section to report these.

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  1. Hi sir,

    We are three students from International Business School in Jönköping (Sweden). We are working with our thesis which is based on BI, and in our case study we should interview four experts in this area. Is it possible for you to participate in our interview by e-mail. We appreciate your help and we think information from somebody who have good knowledge in this area is too much important.

    Best Regards,

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