Hurricanes and Data Visualisation: Part I – Rainbow’s Gravity

The first of two articles looking at how data about hurricanes is displayed and communicated. This includes a worked example illustrating some of the issues that can arise when adopting a rainbow colour palette in data visualisation, specifically with respect to rainfall contour maps.

The specific benefits of Business Intelligence in Insurance

Introduction Insurance – specifically Property Casualty Insurance – is the industry that I have worked within for the last twelve years. During this time, I managed teams spanning IT, Finance and Operations. However the successes that I am most proud of have been in the related fields of Business Intelligence and Cultural Transformation that appear … Continue reading The specific benefits of Business Intelligence in Insurance

Keynote Articles

There are many strengths of the blog format, however one weakness is its focus on the recent at the expense of the relevant. This section of the site seeks to remedy this problem by providing a grouped list of what I am going to call Keynote Articles. There are a lot of different articles on … Continue reading Keynote Articles